Temperature adaptive radiative cooling (TARC)

Approximately 40% of the total energy consumption in countries such as the U.S. is in buildings, where half of this consumption is on heating and cooling to maintain a desirable indoor temperature (~22 °C). For the most common temperature regulation systems (e.g. air conditioner & furnaces) , they require external power input and consume large amount of money and natural resources

Different from the existing systems: our TARC, made by the magical material WVO2, automatically switches from a heater to a cooler when temperature rises above 22°C to keep the indoor temperature constant. This switch occurs without any energy input and it is driven by a self phase transition

Existed data shows exclusive energy-saving advantages of TARC over all existing roof coating materials in most world cities, yielding a minimum cut of 3.65 GJ (1,014 kWh) in annual source energy consumption and saving $150 electrical fees for a typical single-family home in the U.S.