Breast Cancer Screening

  • Breast Cancer Screening means checking a woman’s breast before there are obvious signs or symptoms of the disease

  • The goal of screening tests is to find cancer at its early stage so that is can be treated as soon as possible

  • Localized (early-stage) breast cancer is highly treatable, 62% receive a diagnosis at this stage and the survival rate is 99%

  • Breast Cancer Screening makes early treatment possible and therefore greatly enhance the chance of survival


Mammography Is Not For All Women


The three main reasons of not choosing thermography are: pain, radiation and inaccurate. Each of them has specific great number of people who could not take mammography as breast cancer screening tool due to their health condition.


TISE Thin Film


Without TISE: Normal

With TISE: Enhanced


Why Thermography?

Thermography is a noninvasive, noncontact procedure that does not involve compressing the breast. It does not involve exposure to radiation, so people could use it safely over time.

Our Solution: Enhance Thermography Screening

Thermography Clinics In The US

According to ACCT and Yelp, we estimate the number of thermography clinics within US. The total of them is 1523.